The time is NOW for it to be OK to be the GREATEST YOU

Greatness is not cheap nor, is it immediate, Greatness takes time to develop you almost have to brain wash yourself , actually you do.

We must stay with it for long periods of time , some give up to quickly!!

Greatness does not need your approval

You can not have the approval of everyone and be great . Living what you believe and living up to your potential , is being fully authentic with yourself.  

If being GREAT means being disliked GREAT 

Really There is no time for mediocrity when you knowingly know the divinity that you are ...The self confidence issues you hang on to are fear based and only keep you in a small mindset that serves no one.

After Years of Suffering in self inflicted pain in remaining in a domestic violence abusive relationship for many years that I was the creator of and take full responsibility as a CO CREATOR , of knowing that even the smallest blessings were the most amazing gifts of life  . That the gratitude of being alive another day after I came out of the abuse …. was far from over I now had to heal and take my power back.

I am writing to you because I know I can support you and tell you that you can learn to love yourself and heal the pain...

This Project Is the story and journey of someone who lost all self confidence , that had and still has no clue what she is doing , beside following her intuition . the flow is really all you must follow ... the rest is the grand Illusion of the sea of distractions everyone thinks is so important.

People see only what they want to see and until we open to new ways of being and perceiving others we must first heal ourselves .

The thing with sharing your truth is that you are telling your Small EGO to move out of the way , so that your greatness can shine the light and be of service to something so much bigger than yourself. 

My Purpose is not my personnality , my purpose is my soul pulling me in the good feeling place and into the VORTEX of my well being in the Now and in presence.

What you want will not suddenly appear , what you are willing to do is the path of the WILL and HARD WORK

What you are is I AM and I AM needs no human actions

Today I am a YOGINI . as well as 2 kyu Brown Belt Kung-Fu Shaolin, I opened my Office as a Osteopathe Massage Therapist and Somatotherapist  and Coach 5 years ago and created this exclusive artistic line  to raise funds and create Yoga and Martial Art Projects for our Youth throughout our communities as well in Planting as many trees as we can together.

My friends , My client(es) , My family

I thank you for being my soul thank's you for showing up for yourselves

I thank you for every smile you already gave to a stranger and every act of kindness you give to yourself ….

the most powerful force in the universe is Love and through it's power anything is possible 

To Join our Team and help plant trees comme join me 





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